JewelsByTanni was created through dedication and great effort by Tanni Bari. This small jewelry shop started out on IG as a hobby and turned into something much bigger than that.

Growing up through adversity in a Bangladeshi immigrant household, I looked up to powerful lead Bollywood movie actresses for inspiration and comfort. My love for chokers really stems from 90s Bollywood movies with lead female stars like Kajol, Rani, and Madhuri. The intricacy of the designs always has me at awe and I can stare at these finely crafted chokers for hours!

It has been an honor to sell these beautiful chokers that our shop is known for. I absolutely love when clients glow up after completing their look with hand picked pieces. 

Coupling my love for South Asian Jewlery with my desire to bring affordable pieces to my client has really encouraged JewelsByTanni to grow. The premise of my company is based on affordability, quality, and love. 

Please take a look around the shop, We hope you enjoy the experience.